Nevo, Eshkol, The Last Interview

Eshkol Novo’s The Last Interview was published in Hebrew in 2018 and was at the top of Israel’s bestseller list for 30 weeks. It is currently on the short list for the Lattes Grinzano Prize in Italy and is longlisted for the prestigious Femina Prize in France. In The Last Interview, a famous but stressed Israeli writer finds that the only way he can write is by answering a set of interview questions sent from a website. As he answers the questions, the author slowly lets go of his calculated answers and begins to honestly confront his life, his lies, and his mistakes. He digs deeply into his past and recalls serious missteps and faulty decisions. Now, his marriage is falling apart, his eldest child wants nothing to do with him, and his best friend is dying. The only time he thinks clearly is while he sits at his computer answering the interview questions that force him to confront himself, no matter where he is in the world.

Born in Jerusalem in 1951, Eshkol Nevo studied advertising at the Tirza Granot School and psychology at Tel Aviv University. He owns the largest creative writing school in Israel and is considered the mentor of many upcoming young Israeli writers. His books have been translated into 12 languages, have won several literary prizes, and have sold over a million copies all over the world. His best-selling novel “Homesick (2004) was awarded the Reimond Vallier Prize in France (2008), shortlisted for the Sapir Prize in Israel (2005), and longlisted for The Independent Prize in the U.K. (2009). His bestselling novel “World Cup Wishes (2007) won the Golden Book Prize in Israel and was awarded the Adei Wizo prize in Italy.  His novel “Neuland” (2011) was awarded the Steimatzky Prize for Book of the Year and was included in The Independent’s Book of the Year in Translation in 2014. His bestselling novel “Three Floors Up” (2015), won the Israeli Publisher Association’s Platinum Book Prize, and the Tel Aviv Library Association’s Best Book of the Year Award, won the Wizo Prize in France, became a best seller in Italy, and was adapted as an international film by the famous Italian director Nani Moreti. It will be screened at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Eshkol Nevo lives in Raanana, Israel with his wife and his three daughters. He loves music and working with musicians, and he thinks of himself as a musician of words.