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Lit Hub 1.15.21: Farzana Doctor’s Seven Joins the Movement to Ban Female Genital Mutilation

In the last five years, I would say it would be very hard for anyone to say, oh, I just didn’t know; I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about this. So that’s been our work. There’s a case that has gone to the Supreme Court with a number of complainants, and WeSpeakOut Is one of them. The goal is to get the practice banned in India so that it is illegal, so that even if a religious leader insists that it’s mandatory, it’s going to be illegal.

Lit Hub 10.21.19 Daphne Kalotay on American Intervention in Afghanistan and Civilian Responsibility

It’s 1991, and recent college graduate Mim wants to be a writer, but for now she is folding clothes at Benetton. She notices the trash-filled streets and befriends exotic Kyra, who joins Mim’s disparate group of roommates, all squeezed together in a crumbling NYC apartment. Published on Literary Hub – October 18, 2019