Maher, K.C. The Best of Crimes 2019

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]A man turns himself into the police for kidnapping an underage girl. The police chief tell him to go home but Walter insists on being arrested and charged. Back to the beginning of the story in 1999, Walter is an eighteen-year-old math prodigy who has already earned two doctorates but is told to get some work experience before going to law school. An investment banker on Wall Street, by nineteen he’s married, and by twenty, the father of a daughter, Olivia. Then 9/11 happens, Walter loses his best friend, he becomes disillusioned with the banking world, and he focuses on fatherhood. Then he includes the little next-door neighbor in all of Olivia’s activities. Later, as his marriage crumbles and his wife takes Olivia with her to Maine, Walter finds himself more and more drawn to the neighbor. This is a novel about family dynamics, growing older, struggling with loneliness, and forbidden love.

K. C. Maher always knew that she wanted to write. She learned grammar in parochial school and did a BA at St Johns College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she found her second passion, philosophy. Her short fiction has appeared in literary journals including Ascent, Black Warrior Review, Confrontation, Cottonwood, Gargoyle, and The View From Here. Her work has been short-listed for the Iowa School of Letters Award and Drue Heinz Literature Prize. She lives in New York City and when not writing, she likes to run along the East River where it connects to the Hudson River, then back through the Financial District. Today we discuss her book The Best of Crimes (RedDoor Publishing, 2019).

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