Gottlieb Blues – For the Good of All

Those who encourage and instigate others

Don’t give a damn about their sisters and brothers

Those who think nothing of gathering outside

Thanks to folks like you, this pandemic is raging worldwide

But you want your freedom, you’re quick to protest

You cite the first amendment, but may I suggest,

That like it or not we all share a connection

And nobody, nowhere, wants to get this infection

There’s your freedom to and there’s our freedom from

We can’t have it all ways so let’s not be dumb

When they framed the Constitution, they bade us recall

That we each sacrifice some for the good of all

So, good luck enjoying your personal freedom,

Hope you have good friends, bud, cause you’re gonna need’em

Who’s going to admire your brand-new tattoo?

But the doctors and nurses who’re trying to save you

Lyrics by Galit and David Gottlieb – May 2020

Lead Guitar and Engineer, Steve Yastrow