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You’re Literally Pushing me Over the Edge

To be perfectly honest, I don’t always have the bandwidth to worry about this stuff. I like to think that I always use original language and that jargon is not in my wheelhouse. I’m just saying that some readers expect a higher standard of writing. Feel free to take my suggestions with a grain of salt, dear fellow authors, but too many of us grab at low-hanging fruit.

“Recipe Testing for a Culinary Mystery,” Novels Alive

In 2019, Battered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery, my debut novel, was released into the world. It’s a cozy, culinary mystery, the kind without graphic violence, sex, or anything that would keep a reader up at night. It’s set in an imaginary Chicago café, the warm, friendly kind that plays a great 70’s song list and always smells like freshly-baked apple-cinnamon rolls.

“The Story Behind the Story,” in The Rap Sheet

This is the 87th entry in The Rap Sheet’s “Story Behind the Story” series. Today’s essay comes from Chicago resident G.P. “Galit” Gottlieb, who says she “has worked as a musician, a teacher, and an administrator,” but is “happiest when writing recipe-laced murder mysteries,” such as her brand-new novel, Smothered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery (D. X. Varos).

Interview with Alene Baron, Dru’s Book Musings

I hate to tell anyone that I met Frank at a murder scene, first because yuck, and second because we’d actually met eight years before and only ran into each other a second time, at the murder scene. I’d hoped to never see another dead body, and I already had enough on my plate – my father’s autoimmune disease, my ex-husband’s attitude, my employees and all their issues, and my pre-adolescent daughter’s behavior. The first dead body was in our building. The second one was found next door to my café.

“On Writing Culinary Mysteries” Women Writers, Women’s Books

In a culinary mystery, a body will be discovered, an amateur sleuth will be forced to get involved, whoever isn’t murdered will eat and drink, and recipes will be provided in the back of the book. A category in the “cozy mystery” genre, culinary mysteries are often written as part of a series so readers can return again and again to the warm bakery, the delightful candy store, or whichever charming place the author has chosen to set the tale.

G.P. Gottlieb Interview, by Hen Lit Central

“I love writing and ideas for stories and plots are always swirling around in my head. After I finished writing Battered, I wanted to keep imagining tales about Alene, my protagonist, her best friend Ruthie, the vegan pastry chef, Alene’s father Cal, an ornery, sharp guy in his early 70’s, and Frank, the homicide detective with whom Alene is falling in love.”

“How Not to Pitch Your Book to Bloggers and Reviewers” Guest Post on Thonie’s Hevron’s Writer’s Notes

Guest Post on Thonie Hevron’s blog: For Writers Only. “Before sending a request, I check the host’s review policy, I triple-check the spelling of the host’s name, and I confirm that the host is interested in culinary mysteries. I bet that most people who accept pitches would rather get books that interest them, presented thoughtfully, than three pages of blurbs about a book they won’t read or shot-in-the-dark messages which, like me, they’ll just delete.