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Fowler, Christopher – Bryant and May Mysteries

“Do you enjoy reading?”
“I enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey.”
Bryant quailed at the thought. “That’s not really reading, is it? More like staring at an assortment of words.”
“It’s very popular.”
“So is taking photographs of your dinner for Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it adds to the total sum of human knowledge.”

Thomas, Sherry – The Lady Sherlock Series

“Lord Ingram, travelling from his brother’s country estate to his own, had stopped in London to see Holmes, with whom he shared a long, complex, and increasingly line-blurring friendship. He had intended to tell her that he was ready to erase the lines altogether. And as he’d waited in the afternoon parlor of Mrs. Watson’s house to be received by Holmes, trying to rein in his anxiety and agitation at the enormity of what he was about to do, Mrs. Treadles had arrived, with the news that her husband had been arrested on suspicion of murder.”

Flanders, Judith – Sam Clair Mysteries

“Oh, just kill me now.” I didn’t shriek that out loud, just clenched my teeth more tightly. It was eight thirty and already the day couldn’t get much worse. I’m always at my desk by eight, not because I’m so wonderful, although I am, but because it’s the only time of day when no one asks me anything, when I can get on with some work, instead of solving other people’s problems.”