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The Anglophile’s Notebook, Sunday Taylor

Californian Claire Easton, who writes a magazine column called “The Anglophile’s Notebook,” travels to England to do research for a book about Charlotte Brontë. She’s already in love with England, where her late mother grew up and where she plans to find some healing now that her marriage of twenty years is imploding. Claire is […]

Death of the Chinese Field Hands, Anne Louis Bannon

“It had been a long day that Tuesday, October 24, in the year of our Lord 1871, and it was a blessing for my three Chinese field hands that it was. The day started with bringing in the last of the grapes for the angelica. My vineyards and winery were my principal support in those days. We had already harvested the cabernet and the merlot two weeks before and the wine would soon be ready to move from the vats in which the grapes had fermented into the casks where it would age. The grapes for the angelica were always harvested last, as thy did not ripen readily. Indeed, even when some of the grapes had already turned to raisins, there were still several green grapes among the clusters.”

A Song From Faraway, Deni Ellis Bechard

“The thought of fleeing Mexico had been beyond the reach of Leon’s mind, but now he grasped the power of change described in Estrada’s book. Reading it, he had seen the shape of Mexico for the first time and understood the nature of the conflict that had not yet resolved at the time of writing. Until then, war’s movement over the landscape had been invisible to him, approaching as clouds might, appearing ssuddenly on the horizon. Through the book, he’d seen the borders of nations and oceans as if observing the planet from the vantage of the moon.”

The Last Interview, Eshkol Nevo

“For the last yeaer, I’ve been waging an ongoing war, a trench war in every sense, against dysthymia: an acute mood disorder characterized by a chronic, low-grade feeling of depression. In simpler terms: Once I used to wake up happy and now I wake up sad. I’m not sure I know why, I have no idea how to shake it off, and I don’t know how much longer Dikla can take it. Lately I’ve had the feeling that she’s keeping her distance from me. Maybe she’s afraid she’ll catch it.”

Atomic Love, Jennie Fields

“Rosalind had her own vision of what she wanted out of the project. She knew that piercing a single uranium atom could create more than three million times the energy of fossil fuel. If harnessed, channeled, it could be put to constructive use, heating cities and running machines in a clean, endlessly available way. But when she shared the idea with Weaver, he smirked. “Duchess, the Nazis are working on an atomic weapon. Right this minute in their little lairs, twirling their mustaches. No one is thinking about anything but the war right now. We’re dedicated to self-defense, pure and simple.”