A Whipped and Sipped Mystery

When the owner of the business next door is found dead in his office, Alene Baron’s first feeling is relief. She’s been suspicious of the food supplements her neighbor has been selling, not to mention the smoothies he’s been hawking, which are much inferior to the ones Alene sells in her cafe. Plus, Stanley Huff never cleaned up his garbage in the alley they shared. As a sexual harasser and shady businessman, Stanley had enemies. One of Alene’s favorite employees is a suspect. And now that employee is missing.

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A Whipped & Sipped Mystery

Alene Baron is 38 years old and over seven years divorced from her philandering husband. She lives in a Chicago lakefront high-rise with her 3 children and her 72-year-old father. She owns the nearby Whipped and Sipped Café, which serves decadent but healthful pastries and drinks. Alene’s pastry chef and best friend is Ruthie, the college roommate with whom she once developed code words to study for history exams.

Alene is also an avid reader of mysteries. When a neighbor is found dead she begins to compile a list of suspects. A week later, another neighbor is found battered, and one of Alene’s young employees is holding the gun.

A few days later, the murderer confronts Alene.



February 15: Dru’s Book Musings – Character Interview, Alene Baron

February 16: 6:00 – 8:00 pm (CST)  Cozy Mystery LIVE Launch Party 

February 16: A Blue Million Books, Interview

February 17: Novels Alive – Essay: Recipe Testing for a Culinary Mystery”

February 18: I Read What You Write – Recipe

February 23: Mysteries with Character – Interview

February 26: Ascroft, Eh? – Interview

February 27: Ruff Drafts – Recipe

February 28: Cozy Up With Kathy – Interview

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G. P. Gottlieb

Chicago-based author of the Whipped and Sipped Mystery series and a host for New Books in Literature, a podcast of the New Books Network.

Galit is grateful to her fabulous editor, S.L. Wisenberg, without whom this book could not have been born. After receiving an untoward number of agent rejections, Galit submitted her manuscript to an online contest, and received a publishing contract from D.X. Varos Ltd. The second book in the series: Smothered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery, will be released in February 2021. You can hear her interview novelists and short-story writers on New Books in Literature, a podcast of the New Books Network, which gets nearly 60,000 downloads each day. Also, she is a graduate of the French Pastry School’s Bread Boot Camp and Chocolate Boot Camp.

G.P. Gottlieb is available for demonstrations of healthful cooking – vegetarian, vegan and kosher – which include generous tastings. She is also available to speak in person or remotely to your book group. Please visit her events page for an updated schedule of her appearances.

G.P. Gottlieb holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in piano and voice. Over the years, she performed, taught, composed and administrated while writing stories, songs, and several unwieldy manuscripts. She also fed her family and developed lots of healthful recipes. After recovering from breast cancer, she turned to writing in earnest, melding her two loves, nourishment for mind and body and recipe-laced murder mysteries.

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